Monday, October 15, 2007

Coulter and God's chosen people. Agree: “God’s Chosen People” Are Racist::By Lisa De Pasquale
Following the outrage over Ann Coulter's interview with CNBC's Donny Deutsch, members of the media used it as an opportunity to tell the American people that they should be offended by her restatement of Christian doctrine and the New Testament.

Given that there are billions of people of all denominations who believe their religion to be the path to salvation, it’s not much of a stretch for those religions to cite their virtues over those of other religions.
Coulter said, “That is what Christians consider themselves, perfected Jews.” Let’s apply the media’s hysteria about “perfected Jews” to another religious tenet. The following is a satirical illustration of the use of the term “God’s chosen people.” None of the quotes are made up, but perhaps they give a more honest view of how “progressives” feel about Judaism.
If the media was consistent, that’s how they would react to “God’s chosen people.” Instead, they get their talking points from the unperfected kooks at Media Matters that neurotically pine over every word uttered by Ann Coulter. In condemning Coulter’s comments, the media’s objective isn’t to defend Judaism, but to incite phony hysteria and advance Media Matters’ agenda to silence conservatives. If you have a problem with the New Testament, take it up with its authors, not with Coulter.

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