Friday, October 12, 2007

How Islamists entertain their children. Jihadist "Banana Boat Song".

'Terror camp boss sang to children: 'Hey Mr Taliban, come bomb England''| News | This is London
Terror camp leader Atilla Ahmet sang a "Jihad Calypso" song to a children's party, telling them: "Come Mr Taliban, come and bomb England", a court heard.

Atilla Ahmet, who has alreay pleaded guilty to soliciting murder, sang the words to the tune of The Banana Boat Song.

His next lines were: "Before the daylight come, you wanna see 10 Downing Street done, Hey Mr Taliban, boom, boom, boom. Come bomb England. Allah willing, it will be done."

Children at the Jameah Islamic school, near Crowborough in Sussex, sang along during his performance, which was recorded on tape.

Ahmet, a former preacher at Finsbury Park Mosque, has pleaded guilty to three counts of soliciting murder in connection with a case now being heard at Woolwich Crown Court.

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