Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kos Krazyness

Kos Krazyness:

To this:

File under “BROKEN”: President Ahmadinijad is batty, casting-for-Kubrick, round-the-bend crazynuts: ...

Warning: I am so not interested in hearing from people who choose to believe there is no clandestine agenda within Iran to bomb infidels microscopic bits. Talk to me all you want about voices of sanity and countermanding forces blabbity blah, but do not feed me any bull about “nuclear energy.” Just don’t.

Dinnerjacket talks about the return of the Mahdi and the destruction of Jews like it’s a steel cage grudge match, or a soccer tournament. He has a carbide hard-on for the idea that he could be the chosen one who looses Armageddon on the world. His biggest regret about Iraq is that he hasn’t been able to send more suicide bombers and weapons. These are toys he is champing at the bit to play with before the Mahdi comes. He is a little boy with a magnifying glass standing over a mound of ants, waiting for the sun to appear. Only they’re not ants. They’re people.

And his bloodlust is restrained compared to Bin Laden’s.

Note as well that it’s no longer the US that’s the spectre or threat. It’s Israel. How Biblical.

These people must be stopped.

Does anybody think these madmen are above another 9-11 or Madrid bombing, strategically timed so as to foment terror in the weeks after the 2008 presidential elections? Especially after waiting for so long for a Democrat in the White House?

I’ll say it again. These people must be stopped.

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