Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Dennis Prager: Ann Coulter wants Jews to become Christian - so what?

Townhall.com::Ann Coulter Wants Jews to Become Christian -- So What?::By Dennis Prager
Those who label Ann Coulter an anti-Semite do damage to the battle against anti-Semitism.

I say this as a committed Jew, a religious Jew, a Jewish writer and lecturer, a past college instructor in Jewish history, co-author of a widely read book on anti-Semitism, recipient of the American Jewish Press Association's Prize for Excellence in Jewish Commentary, instructor in Torah at the American Jewish University, and a man who has fought anti-Semitism all his life.

There is nothing in what Ann Coulter said to a Jewish interviewer on CNBC that indicates she hates Jews or wishes them ill, or does damage to the Jewish people or the Jewish state. And if none of those criteria is present, how can someone be labeled anti-Semitic?

What damage has she ever done to Jews? What is wrong with a person believing that it would be better if another person adopted their faith? Is there one liberal who doesn't believe that a conservative would be better -- "perfected," if you will -- by embracing liberal beliefs and values? Why is it laudable for a liberal to hope that conservatives convert to liberalism, but dangerous and hate-filled when a Christian hopes that Jews or anyone else will go to heaven (that is, after all, Ann Coulter's and most other Christians' primary concern) by believing in Jesus?

I have read Jewish and non-Jewish writers who argue that Ann Coulter's words will lead to another Auschwitz. How does one respond to irrationality? How does one respond to hysteria?

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1 Comment:

ornery elephant said...

Ann Coulter is a lightning rod.

Ann Coulter could say, "The Sun Rises in the East" and the Left would criticize her for:

* making slanderous remarks about the reference to facing East in the islamic "religion"

* inciting war with Iran who happens to fall to the East of America

* making pornographic references with the term 'rising'

* being an extremist Evangelical by bringing up a veiled reference to Jesus in the term "Sun"