Friday, October 19, 2007

Policy: parents must be fingerprinted for classroom visits. - Philadelphia School Policy Forces Parents to Be Fingerprinted for Classroom Entry
The Philadelphia School District on Thursday was trying to clarify a policy that requires parents to submit to FBI fingerprinting before they can enter their children's classrooms.

One mother said she found out about the policy when she signed in to visit her daughter's first-grade class at the Meredith Elementary School. Alison McDowell said she was told every parent who enters the school must have criminal, child abuse and FBI fingerprint clearances.
A new state law requires employees to have FBI background checks. But a district official says some principals may have mistakenly extended that requirement to parent volunteers.

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1 Comment:

Aurora said...

The U.K. has the largest bio-database in the world and are finding excuses to get biological data on as many British as they can. At the moment, it's criminals who have to give their fingerprints, but they're trying to expand that to include children on many trivial pretexts.
I've seen this new trend here in Australia and wonder if it's not something to do with collecting bio-data on the population.