Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Standing for Christ No Matter the Cost

Christian Persecution Blog: Standing for Christ No Matter the Cost
“I will not run away. I am ready to take a stand.”

Saratu Turundu was thiry-five and unmarried. She loved kids so much and desperately wanted her own, but God had not answered her prayer.

Saratu chose to devote herself to God and the church. She embraced her church family with her whole heart and especially loved teaching Sunday school. Her interaction with the kids and her opportunity to show them the way to Christ fulfilled Saratu with incredible joy. She knew she could never be happy without Christ.

But the fanatical Muslims who dominated her town of Kaduna, Nigeria, started persecuting Christians. She had heard stories of Christians being persecuted in other villages, their homes and possessions burned. Some were even beaten and killed.

So when mobs came to attack the Christians in Kaduna, Saratu had already decided to stay and take a stand for Christ. Saratu’s brothers begged her to flee into the woods with them. But even as she watched the angry mob burn her beloved church to the ground, she wouldn’t go. She knelt and prayed on the floor of her apartment as Muslims doused the building with gasoline and set it on fire.

She is remembered by her family and friends as a kind, compassionate person who showed love to everyone. She died loving her Savior.

Tales of super-human strength are as inspiring as they are incredible. We are awed by stories of mothers lifting burning cars off their children in terrible accidents. Driven by adrenaline, the human body is capable of amazing feats. In the same way that adrenaline affects the human muscles, our faith can enable our spiritual muscles to accomplish what we never thought possible. Saratu flexed her spiritual muscles when she decided to take a stand for Christ in her community. She likely never realized she had the strength to do so before that moment. Yet God enabled her to do it. Have you ever done something you thought you could never do? Thank God today for his faithfulness to make you stand strong.

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