Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

WorldNetDaily: Armageddon in the classroom
This isn't make-believe; it isn't fantasy. I and others who write in this forum of thought have been detailing for some time the growing, relentless attacks by teachers unions, leftist and ultra-liberal educators, homosexual lobbying groups and pro-abortion forces, even activist judges and politicians who increasingly rewrite our history and promote behavior that all previous civilizations have declared immoral. And not content to forbid prayer or any mention of God or scripture, the allied ACLU will vehemently sue any school or teacher who dares to present the notion of "intelligent design," much less divine creation of a perfectly humming universe.

The schoolroom has become the battlefield – and our children the victims, the casualties and the prize.

But amazingly, right on that field of battle, as the cunning and well-funded zealots have been having their way, modern Patrick Henrys, Nathan Hales and amateur revolutionaries have arisen to confront their oppressors and corrupters. The young students themselves, even growing numbers of children!

I've just learned of a brave group of students, ages 18 to 28, who are taking time off from school, traveling the country in squeaky vans, speaking out on campuses, handing out pro-life literature and encouraging people their own ages to think morally and righteously. They're called "The Survivors", or more accurately, "The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust," because they're all young people born after the fateful 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion-on-demand and has, so far, sentenced 50 million American babies to the cruelest death imaginable.

They've been galvanized by the realization that fully one third of their generation never got a chance to be born. And they're committed to doing all they can to justify their own lives, and to save as many future lives as they can. They're all volunteers who set up information booths on high school and college campuses, and they display big signs with uncensored pictures of what abortion really does to a baby. They hand out literature, engage in lively discussions and debates and provide vital contact information to young girls with unplanned pregnancies – and many have been arrested, more than 100 in the last six years, 17 times this year alone. And still they march on, undaunted, walking onto school campuses across America, every day that school is in session.

"The Survivors" are just one of many groups and student movements springing up all over this country, kids talking to kids, one on one, and in small groups, confronting the virulent anti-God and morally seditious adult campaigns designed to erase every vestige of the guidelines and principles that made America what and who we've been. The "Survivors" need a new van, and funds, to keep going. I'm pitching in, and maybe you'd like to – so they can keep traveling 4,000 miles a month, visiting 200 more high schools and colleges in the immediate future.

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