Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Calls to open racist segregated school in Toronto get louder.


Cries in favour of an Afrocentric alternative school in Toronto were loud last night as more than 300 people crammmed into Northview Heights Secondary School to debate the issue.

"We need that kind of special care that white people, in white schools, give to white children," Dari Meade, 57, told the mostly black audience. (Whaaaaat? Where is the all white school? I would really like to know. - 1rt)

Most speakers said Toronto schools are failing black youth. (Personally, I think they're failing ALL youth, but hey, I'm just white. - 1rt)

Amette Callender, 33, said she supports the idea and hoped her daughter, Dejah, 7, could attend.
"We want to teach her about her rich culture and history," Callender said.
(Canadian history isn't taught in schools? - 1rt)


Toronto District School Board director Gerry Connelly said the findings from the meetings will be presented to trustees in January.

"The board has a reputation for being very sensitive to the needs of a community and I'm sure we'll take this very seriously," she said. "We've been listening for a long time ... There's a general sense that we need to do something different and we need to do something to support our young black students, particularly young black boys." (We obviously don't need to do anything about the other boys that are having a hard time in school. - 1rt)

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Anonymous said...

That is a great set of comments on the issue. Thank you for keeping a critical eye.