Sunday, November 18, 2007

Classroom Politics - Michael Coren - Classroom politics
Yet there is plenty of proof that some teachers who are on the far left have repeatedly introduced their politics into the classroom. In fact we know that teachers have instructed students to attend anti-government demonstrations and told them that believing in certain causes will increase their marks. They have asked children to sign leftist petitions, belittled conservative students and turned classes into virtual indoctrination courses.

Communist teachers have defended mass murderers such as Lenin, Stalin and Mao, who killed far more people than the little swine Hitler. Some of them have denied that the Soviets were responsible for the forced starvation in Ukraine, which is almost a form of Holocaust denial. They have taught this to the very children of families who suffered under Moscow and yet have never been asked even to apologize.

Teachers' unions have campaigned en masse against various politicians -- almost all conservative -- and sometimes made it known to their students that if their parents supported these politicians they were foolish or evil. None of these teachers has lost the right to work.

There are incidents of teachers being found in public washrooms soliciting young men for sex. Most of these teachers have been allowed to keep their teaching licences and continue to work. There are teachers who have been convicted of all sorts of crimes, including murder, and are still working. And there are, of course, teachers who are incompetent and useless, but because of union obstinacy never will be fired.

Not Paul Fromm. Because of extremist views held outside of the school he is no longer allowed to teach within it. That's inconsistent, politically one-sided and oppressive. Sounds a little like fascism, really. Now there's irony for you.

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