Monday, November 12, 2007

Gunmen storm high-security nuclear facility in South Africa

WorldNetDaily: Gunmen storm high-security nuclear facility
An early morning attack by four gunmen who stormed and reached the emergency-response control room of a secured nuclear facility in South Africa has left one of the plant's operational officers hospitalized and officials with the country's nuclear agency threatening a newspaper with charges of violating national security laws for publishing an account of the intrusion.

The attack at the Pelindaba nuclear facility took place early Thursday morning, reported the Pretoria News.
A NESCA spokeswoman confirmed the attack but would not say how the intruders gained entry to one of the country's most secure sites or whether anything was taken in the attack. NESCA, she said, was conducting its own internal investigation and would publicize its findings after police finished their work.

Prior to publication, Pretoria News was contacted by a man identifying himself as a legal adviser to NESCA who warned the paper would be violating South Africa's National Keypoints Act and said the agency might obtain a court order to prevent publication.

A police spokesman told Pretoria News there had been no arrests in the attack. Reports make no mention of terrorism as a possible motive.

"A case of armed robbery and attempted murder are being investigated," the spokesman said.

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