Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hate Crimes - What Are They?

Stand Your Ground: Hate Crimes - What Are They?
Some would interpret "hate crimes" as crimes that are motivated by hate, as opposed to crimes motivated by greed. If so, then almost any violent crime could be defined as hate crime. After all, when a dozen of street thugs assault an innocent passer-by and beat him half to death, it's hard to argue that they've done it out of love. Ditto with every single case of rape and domestic violence, as well as those murders that weren't motivated by greed. But almost none of those crimes are regarded as "hate crimes".

So we get another explanation - a "hate crime" is the one in which the victim gets singled out because of his ethnic, religious or cultural background. So let's say, if white supremacists attack a passer-by just because his skin is darker than theirs - that's a hate crime. But what if aboriginal protesters in Caledonia, Ontario beat up a construction worker who is white? That was never viewed as a "hate crime".

The "hate crime" label is applied to broad range of crimes - from assaulting people to harming property and even to "inciting hatred". But no matter what kind of a crime we are talking about, we get the same inconsistence when it comes to a question whether or not this is a "hate crime".
And here's another paradox that is worth noticing. Somehow those "hate crimes" are the only crimes for which the bleeding-heart Liberals want tougher sentences. That too is somewhat inconsistent with their beliefs that crime has "social roots" and that criminals need as much help and sympathy as their victims.
So how do we explain these paradoxes?
Here's my explanation: the proponents of the "hate crime" laws need them to silence anyone who speaks (let alone - acts) against their utopian beliefs. Hate crime laws are against those who believe in absolute truth and refuse to accept moral relativism which denies the existence of good and evil, right and wrong. They are against those who insist there is a difference between masculine and feminine sexuality. Against those who don't believe that all cultures are equally beneficial to our society and that a culture that gave the world the concept of human rights and accountable government is "no better" than a culture which finds a multiple rape victim guilty for "just being there" and sentences her to public flogging, doubling the number of lashes for daring to appeal...
That's exactly what "hate crime" laws are for - to silence those who has the courage to tell the truth and to prosecute those who dares to fight back, instead of just letting his family suffer for the sake of yet another Utopia. Proponents of the "hate crime" laws suggest that these are laws against hatred and discrimination. But the fact is that "hate crime" laws are designed to perpetuate discrimination and hatred. That's why I believe they must be repealed.

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