Thursday, November 29, 2007

Liberals and Their Voters: The Blind Leading the Blind

Family Security Matters
First, we have feminist blindness to Islamic mistreatment of women. Then, we have liberal blindness to illegal immigration abuses. Finally, we have liberal blindness to national security issues.

How about liberal media blindness to Hillary’s abuses, liberal public education’s blindness to discrimination against Christianity and liberal blindness to the social, cultural and moral disintegration of this nation?

The fact is, liberals cannot see what makes common sense. Their educators cannot see the needs of the children entrusted to them. Their journalists cannot see the good that our brave military performs on a regular basis. Their politicians cannot see the desires and hopes of real Americans. Their celebrities cannot see the values that allow them to spew so confidently about that which they are so clueless about. Fools like Rosie and Whoopie go on about the rights of women without commenting on Islamic tortures and abuses of women. In fact, only someone as blind as Rosie O’Donnell could paint those who stone women as victims, while at the same time accusing those who seek to stop these abuses as criminals. Speaking of blindness, who is blinder: Rosie O’Donnell for her litany of mindless drivel, or any network providing her a platform from which to spew such trash?

Liberals whine, wail and wax poetic about freedom of this and censorship of that – even as they selectively censor and favor speech as they see fit. They accuse others of corruption they have perfected, of hypocrisy they have transcended and of absurdity they have patented. In the end, liberals regularly fail every vision test they take and either deny the eye chart is on the wall or accuse the optometrist of engaging in some vast, right eye conspiracy.

What Say Their Voters?

If liberals are blind as bats to what really matters, then what can we say of those who vote for them? Clearly, such people most likely require corrective lenses to think, breathe and speak. After all, who can look at what Hillary does, how she answers questions and what she claims and still vote for her without the aid of intoxication or extreme mental astigmatism? What form of mental blur allows any sane, rational person to believe for one second that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson represents true African-American interests?

What kind of intellectual detachment allows anyone to swallow any portion of the liberal media’s biased brew?

Given all of the above, there should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that voting for liberals should be legal evidence of mental blindness. It occurs to me, however, that liberals might not mind such a legal label, since they would most likely seek special treatment, unique privileges, a telethon, a documentary and constitutionally protected special group status as soon as possible. I am sure many of them would demand special HLB (High Liberal Blindness) lanes in traffic and HLB public schools where they could practice their unique form of isolated integration.

At the end of the day, it is a wonder that liberal voters do not crash into street poles on a regular basis.


Medical science has developed laser surgery as the escape from visual prisons for many people, but there are forms of myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness that no laser eye surgery can cure. These incurable conditions represent liberal blur, or the inability to see what is plainly true, perceive what is obviously clear and observe what is plain as day.

Of course, we must accept two other possibilities beyond mental blindness for liberals’ behavior and beliefs. One is selective sight, or only seeing what one wants to see. The other is stupidity, or being incapable of seeing what any fool can see. Mental blindness, selective blindness or stupidity: now I see why liberals like eye exams even less than I ever did.

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