Friday, November 23, 2007

Muslim Cabbie Rapes Girl

Muslim Cabbie Rapes Girl
A TAXI driver allegedly raped an 18-year-old girl after friends had hailed a cab to ensure she got home safely from a night out.

The young passenger allegedly pleaded for the cabbie to stop violating her but it was only when he finished that she was able to escape and called Triple-0 on her mobile telephone.

Despite initially denying he had sex with the teenager, the Bangladeshi, 21, now claims he had consensual sex with the alleged victim.

Md Kowsar Ali, an accounting student on a student visa, claimed he had lied to police initially due to shame - as pre-marital sex was morally unacceptable in his culture.

Ali appeared in Kogarah Local Court yesterday charged with sexual assault and aggravated robbery.
As Ali drove, he allegedly put his hand down her shirt and started kissing her shoulder and hands, making her feel "very uncomfortable".

"The victim pulled away from the accused and stated that she just wanted to be taken home," police alleged.

He then pulled into a side street at Beverley Park and she allegedly refused his offer to take her to his house until 3am then drop her home.

Ali then allegedly grabbed her, put her in the rear seat, held her down and took her phone and $100 from her pocket.

He allegedly raped her while she pleaded with him to stop, ripping her jeans in the alleged attack.

About 1.30am, she grabbed her phone, ran to the Princes Highway and called police.

She told police it was a Taxis Combined cab with front-end damage, which allowed police to find Ali driving the cab in Kogarah about 15 minutes later.

When Ali was interviewed by police - with a friend present - he denied having sex with the girl but claimed he did touch her at her request.

Prosecutor Sergeant Kylie Price told the court there would be strong forensic evidence presented and that Ali was a flight risk if granted bail.
Magistrate Ross Clugston refused bail, saying it was a strong prosecution case, and remanded him to appear at Central Local Court on November 13.

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