Friday, November 9, 2007

A Perfect Storm of Evil

Maggie's Notebook: A Perfect Storm of Evil
Respect for authority has been replaced by demands for ever-increasing public services, while fewer and fewer adults are willing to take responsibility for themselves and their families. The principled leader – always a scarce commodity – is today on the verge of extinction. Politics has degenerated to little more than a vote auction for promised public giveaways. There have always been charlatans in politics, but in today’s culture, being a liar is “smart.” The media are in awe of politicians adept at “crafting a message” that will “resonate” with voters. They discuss without irony how this or that candidate has to “moderate” his/her position to appeal to this or that group. They focus exclusively on image – and seem not to understand that there is no relying on someone whose word is not reliable. But if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. As this moral degeneracy has spread throughout the population, a political party has arisen that both helped to create and concurrently take advantage of it: the Democrat Party. And hiding within that party for many years has been a malevolent, organized underground that has used it as a pathway to power.
The goals and tactics of the international communist movement have never changed. But now the movement is peopled to a great extent by Neocommunists who disavow membership in the party, while still working actively to accomplish its goals. George Soros is a major player in that movement, and his organizations and money have been behind much of the Democrats’ outrageous initiatives in recent years: the horrid immigration bill defeated last spring, the national network of vote registration organizations (that have been convicted of voter fraud – including massive fake registrations, voter intimidation and destruction of republican vote registrations,) the “Global Warming” scam, the anti-war movement and so many others. Bill and Hillary Clinton are also willing participants in that movement. Democrat legislators, like Henry Waxman, Barbara Boxer, Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer and many more, are “Democrat” in name only. They wouldn’t know the “mainstream” if they were drowning in it. These people have nothing, repeat, nothing to recommend them but they all have one thing in common: an ego so titanic they believe they are entitled to do literally anything. People view the increasing radicalism of our elected leaders with blasé indifference. As a society we have lost our moral anchors. Thus we cannot see the treachery ahead. A perfect storm is building. Republicans can’t fight off the relentless attacks being waged by the Democrats’ media allies. The American people have become too complacent and ill-informed to see that, while some Republicans certainly are no saints, the Democrats are institutionally corrupt. As Tom Delay told Matt Lauer of NBC “There are scandals that need to be addressed. Republicans address them, Democrats re-elect them.”
People have said that 2008 may be the most important election in our nation’s history. That is an understatement. If Democrats sweep both houses with large majorities, as it appears they might, while Hillary Clinton takes the presidency, what are the likely consequences for our constitutional republic? Will we have to rely on Congressional Democrats to reign her in? Are you kidding? Given the Clintons’ treacherous legacy, do you think she, or her institutionally corrupt Party, is above anything? I don’t.
We are at a crossroads. Our national conscience has degenerated to the point that we only dimly recognize our predicament. Finally, and too late, the horrible ramifications of our apathy will be revealed. We will indeed be punished by our various sins of self-absorbed narcissism, of foolish pride – of worshipping false idols. We are not all guilty of these sins, of course. But Burke said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Lenin said that the organized minority will beat the disorganized majority every time. The Left is very organized, as we have seen repeatedly. Unfortunately, unless we get our collective act together, the Neocommunists who define American political and popular culture will take the rest of us down with them. The Left will prove once again that you don’t need good ideas, just good organization and a ruthless willingness to do whatever is necessary to win. People who believe in the United States of America, people who believe in real justice, in real freedom, We The People, must organize to defeat them. And we must do it NOW. We may not have another chance.
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