Sunday, November 11, 2007

Republican Darlings of the Leftist Press

CFP: Republican Darlings of the Leftist Press
Dark horse candidate Ron Paul is fast becoming the media darling of the same leftist press that has been pushing Rudy Giuliani for President since 2001. This alone should make conservatives nervous about supporting either. If the leftist press approves, count me out!

Most conservatives know too well why the press is pushing for these two candidates. But it’s high time the supporters of these two candidates come to grips with this reality.
In a recent Zogby poll asking who you would NEVER vote for in America, Paul came in third, behind only Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kookoocinich. Half of America said that they would NEVER vote for any of the three. Giuliani is a front-runner and Paul is a caboose, at best.

Giuliani is pro-war on terror, including in Iraq. Paul is anti-war on terror, especially in Iraq. Rudy supports abortion and gay rights. Paul opposes both. Giuliani is pro-trade. Paul is an isolationist. Giuliani supports some government run social engineering. Paul prefers none. They could hardly be more different, yet the leftist press is pushing for both of them. Why?
They are the only two Republicans who guarantee a divided conservative vote in 2008

Like in 1992 and 1996, when former cheater-in-chief Bill Clinton won the White House against the will of more than 50% of American voters, by way of a conservative electorate divided by Ross Perot, Hillary needs a divided conservative vote in order to win in 2008.

No matter who you like, there is no doubt in any conservative mind, that the leftist press is very pro-Hillary. If a blind poll were taken across the American press, Hitlery would get more then 80% of the press vote.
They love Rudy because...

In part, Rudy is the social liberal of the Republican Party. This means that they can still get most of their leftist social agenda through even if Hillary loses, so long as Rudy wins. He’s a good second choice for social liberals. But even more important is the fact that while he leads the field, he leads with only 30% or less of the conservative vote. This guarantees a divided conservative electorate in 2008 and that’s what makes Rudy a favorite in the press.

Rudy can’t defeat Hillary if he can’t unite conservative voters, and he can’t. Rudy supporters really need to take a close look at this reality.
They love Paul because...

He’s anti-war like them. He’s running on leftist anti-war talking points, lending credence to their anti-war anti-American rhetoric by being the first Republican to squawk the same message as Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin and Harry Reid. But more importantly, as a result, he too guarantees a divided conservative electorate in 2008.

Paul can’t even defeat Rudy for the nomination, so there’s no way he can unite conservative voters to defeat Hillary. He can’t win anything among conservatives or even libertarians. The only way he can win the Republican nomination is to get his supporters over in the DNC to jump parties long enough to vote in the RNC primary.

Liberals might jump parties to help Paul win the Republican nomination. But they will vote Democrat in the general election. That makes Paul a leftist’s dream and a Republican nightmare. This is why primaries should be closed to registered party members. In too many states, they are not.
Hillary can not win against a united and engaged conservative electorate. Neither can any other Democratic Socialist, including Al Gore. America may or may not be ready to elect its first female President. But it isn’t going to be the most hated and distrusted female in America, and rightfully so. 50% of America would never vote for her and she will be lucky to garner 50% of the Democrat vote. She can only win with at best about 45% of the popular vote, against the will of 55% of voters.

For conservatives to win in ‘08, they only need to unite and engage. This requires a candidate that conservatives can unite behind, not a candidate as socially left as Democrats or a candidate that has run so hard to the extreme right that he has circled the issues and come up left of Hillary on national security.
The fact is, like it or not, love Rudy or Paul or not, Rudy and Paul are the only two candidates who CAN’T defeat Hillary because they are the only two who CAN NOT unite or motivate conservative voters. Paul can’t get more than 10% and Giuliani can’t get more than 40%, of conservatives, ever!

Disagree with me if you want, but mark on your calendar that today, JB told you that if either of these two candidates becomes the Republican nominee, Democratic Socialists win in ‘08.

And that’s why these two are the media darlings of the leftist press today and will likely remain so throughout the primary process.

Divided, conservatives will fall in 2008. Is there any doubt about that?

But united, conservatives can’t lose. Are you so committed to one of these two candidates that you are unwilling to unite behind any other? If so, remember that, as you watch the left take control of all branches of government in ‘08 by way of divided conservatives…

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