Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tucon PD's immigrant policy sparks protest.

TPD's immigrant policy ignites protest | ®
Nearly 100 people gathered at Tucson police headquarters Friday to protest the department's recent announcement that it would no longer call immigration officials to schools or churches.
The protesters, holding American flags and signs that read "Enforce our laws" and "Zero tolerance for illegals," walked to police headquarters at 270 S. Stone Ave. from Armory Park in an effort to change the policy.
Assistant Police Chief Roberto Villase├▒or went outside shortly after 10 a.m., thanked the crowd for their civic participation and told them the department would take the petition into consideration. But he said the department wouldn't change its policy.
"Our main mission is not enforcement of immigration laws, our main mission is public safety," he said. "There's federal agencies that are tasked with that."
Here is the petition given to Tucson police Friday by a group of protesters:
"We, the undersigned, want the Tucson Unified School District, and the Tucson Police Department, to reverse their most recent policy decision regarding contacting U.S. Border Patrol to respond to arrests made at schools (Policy 2119).
Additionally, we want the Tucson Police Department to enact a policy stating that they will contact U.S. Border Patrol or immigration enforcement every time they arrest someone who they discover is undocumented or illegal."

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