Friday, November 16, 2007

When a Human Being Gives Up

When a Human Being Gives Up
by ornery elephant

What emotion does one feel when a human being, a grown adult human being at that, just gives up on life? I'm not talking about suicide here. I'm talking about throwing the towel in emotionally on your hopes and dreams. What you will see below is not an argument for socialism nor a comparison of democracy vs. socialism. What is revealed here is the death of a human being's spirit. The wide eyed look of that 5 year old who just snaked down the driveway on his first bike ride is snuffed out. The glimmer of pride of a young woman who just finished her first piano recital is tossed aside. The posture of pride as a young man or woman walks down the aisle at High School graduation is replaced with a slump of hopelessness.

What you will see below is not anything close to reasoning or rebellion or anger. It is purely an American who has cashed in his/her chips on becoming what he/she thought he/she thought they would achieve. You will see a surrender to the propaganda of mediocrity and just settling.

To me, it isn't shocking. It isn't horrifying. It isn't "news."

No, to me it is heart-wrenching. It is sad. Go ahead, read it and weep.

Per Gunslinger's Journal, the following is an excerpt of writings from a poster on Democratic Underground:

"The Right-Wing has succeeded in purging the Left from mainstream politics, but like hope, socialism can never die. The desire to have a world free of masters where the economy operates on a heart rather than greed is a continuity over time. No matter how many laws are implemented, no matter how many unions are busted, no matter how many protesters are shot at, no matter how many media stations are bought off, no matter how many periods of intense propaganda consume our culture -- socialism will emerge victorious."

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