Sunday, December 2, 2007

Imagine no hippies

WorldNetDaily: Imagine no hippies
Imagine there's no countries; It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for; And no religion too. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

Those words are part of the late John Lennon's anti-war song from his "Imagine" album, which Phil Spector produced and released in 1971, during the heat of the Vietnam War. Lennon himself called the lyrics the perfect communist manifesto. John "Lenin" was right. Phil Spector seems to have a bit of a problem with that "living life in peace" part.

The words to that song shoot up my blood pressure higher than Nancy Pelosi's eyebrows. We all want to live in peace, but no country? No religion?

Lennon and his hippie buddies were so stoned during the '60s they didn't recognize the hate they inspired in the anti-war goons that marched on Washington by the hundreds of thousands. These so-called peaceniks spit on our soldiers and called them "baby killers" and other hateful names.

The "chic" peace crowd left a far more disturbing legacy for future generations. They hardened the hearts of two more generations against military honor, service and sacrifice, while the likes of Tom Hayden and others became appallingly rich and respectable with their anti-American rhetoric.
The worst thing about these lies is that they still hurt thousands of Vietnam veterans. Many of them (but not most) turned to alcoholism and drug abuse not just because they fought in a brutal war, but because the John Kerrys and Jane Fondas of the world denigrated their service.

America's mistreatment of our Vietnam veterans and our failure to remember those who protected us during the Korean War are stains on our nation.
We want to send a message to our veterans and the world: We will NEVER forget you. We will never stand by and allow traitors such as Jane Fonda to go unanswered. This is our mission, and we will not falter.

I cannot count the times Vietnam veterans have worked to protect our current troops from the shame they felt when they came home from war. Some couldn't wear uniforms because they might face retribution from thankless Americans. Now these veterans show up on their Harleys, protect families at funerals for fallen soldiers and pray for America.
The unwashed souls of the Vietnam era who sang John Lennon's tune and chanted for a communist society caused this pain. They are the ignorant who don't deserve to stand on American soil that our troops have protected since the Revolutionary War.

But we live in a republic in which their rights to speak stupidly and act with malice is still protected by the soldiers they disdain.

I have rewritten their anthem:

Imagine no hippies; it isn't hard to do. Nobody to slander our troops, and no kook goons. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

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