Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Resident seeks restraining order against town officials

Resident seeks restraining order against town officials - EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA
A Pelham woman has asked for a restraining order against the town's code enforcement officer and the planning director.

Paula Jarek of 378 Mammoth Road filed papers Thursday in Nashua Superior Court, saying she needed relief from "overly aggressive practices" which caused hardship for her family.

"I am in fear of my safety and the safety of my family," she wrote, saying Thomas Wakefield, the code enforcement officer, has "abused his authority as a town official to photograph my home and belongings/persons on countless occasions."

She also said that Wakefield is behind a state audit of the family business and an IRS audit, and tried to have her in-laws evicted from the in-law apartment on their property.

Wakefield could not be reached for comment on Friday.
Jarek said the problems with Wakefield started 18 to 19 months ago when he cited her husband for selling cars from the family home. The couple was in violation of the zoning laws because their home is in a residential area, but they cooperated and stopped selling cars, she said. But she said Wakefield has not stopped checking their property and taking photographs.

"I feel I am being stalked," she wrote in the court papers. "I wholeheartedly believe Tom Wakefield has and will continue to intimidate me and harass my family."

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