Monday, January 7, 2008

Muslim anger at bishop's "ghetto" attack

Muslim anger at bishop's "ghetto" attack - Independent Online Edition > This Britain
Muslim leaders reacted angrily yesterday to a claim by the Bishop of Rochester that Islamic extremists have created "no-go" areas in many cities and a plea for mosques to desist from using amplifiers to broadcast calls to prayer.

The Right Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Church of England's only Asian-born bishop, sparked anger after writing in an article that in many predominantly Muslims areas of Britain's cities people of a different faith face "hostility" from the Muslim community who create "no-go" areas. Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, accused Dr Nazir-Ali of scaremongering.
Dr Nazir-Ali said attempts had been made to "impose an "Islamic" character on certain areas" in cities and was particularly critical of mosques which have sought permission from local authorities to broadcast the daily call to prayer over a loudspeaker.

The following are comments from Lionheart, a writer at another blog. - 1rt
Moslem groups have now demanded the resignation of the Bishop of Rochester Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali because of his comments yesterday.

Who do these people within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain think they are demanding for a Christian Bishops resignation for speaking the truth about what certain parts of our country are like because of the new Islamic Kingdom we now have living there - He told the truth and now they want the government to act and remove him!!

A little like me dont you think - We will not buckle and we will not bow to these demands from our Islamic enemy as it seeks to silence the truth from being told about its inherent warmongering murderous hatred towards us.

They want a fight with the British people then it is about time they had their wish - Stand your ground Bishop and do not apologise like the Pope, Almighty God says 'do not fear'.

The time of silence and opression because of this hiddeous minority group in our midst is over, how dare they shout down the truth and call for our Loony Liberal Left Wing Labour Leaders to excersie their authority on their behalf - The cultural Sword in the hand of the Jihad

Did you hear any voices calling for the resignation of the Imams caught on video inciting hatred, murder, treason, paedophilia and Holy War in the Under Cover Mosque expose by Dispatches on Channel 4?

No, the Islamic Kingdom and their servant within West Midlands police turned the tables on the documentary makers and tried prosecuting them for breaching 'community cohesion', thankfully the media watchdog looked into it and called West Midlands police's accusations perverse - We want the one in charge of that investigation sacked because he is unfit for his duties!!!
Look at what we are having to put up with in today's Britain, we are now second class citizens in our own land surrounded by Loony Labours protected species, the block vote that secures them power, the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem inhabitants.
Great Britain is the biggest threat now to America because we have upwards of 40,000 (with that number growing) British born Pakistani Moslems travelling back to their ancestral home every year, many from amongst them end up in Al Qaeda training camps and extremist Madrases, they then come back to Britain ready for Jihad, these same Islamic terrorists carry British passports so can jump straight into America pretty much unchecked - The Islamic enemy in your midst, courtesy of Labour's Great Britain

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