Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rockets Hit Israel Before Bush Arrival

Rockets Hit Israel Before Bush Arrival
Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip bombarded southern Israel with rocket and mortar fire on Wednesday, striking a house in the border town of Sderot shortly before President Bush arrived on a visit aimed partly at building momentum for stalled Mideast peace talks.

Bush landed in Tel Aviv around midday. His schedule for his eight-day tour of the region does not include a visit to Gaza, which is controlled by the Islamic militant group Hamas.

Israeli police said 12 projectiles were fired Wednesday, including seven that landed inside Israel.

One rocket hit the home of Sderot resident Danny Dahan. Speaking from the hospital, he told Army Radio that his home has nearly been hit several times. In the latest attack, the rocket came through the ceiling and landed on his son's bed, he told the radio.

"Rockets have been raining on this town for years and no one is doing anything," a crying Dahan told the radio. Dahan did not suffer any serious injuries.

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