Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Reading from the Obama Scriptures

A reading from the Obama Scriptures

From the Book of St. Marx

Chapter 6
Verse 66

In the beginning there was video tape.
and the Tape captured the Word.
and the Word was HATE.
and the Word sprung from the mouth of a Man.
and the Man was Wright.

And try as they might to keep
the Tape from the people
they could not.
After the lands of many caucuses had voted
the Tape was seen.

And the Lord Obama appeared distraught
because the people cried out Why Lord?
Why did you keep this man of hate in your midst?

And the Lord appeared to them and spoke:
This man is not a man of hate.
You do not understand what goes on in his pulpit.
Hate is Love
Mocking is Forgivenes
Insults are Ecstasy
Everything you believe about reality is wrong.
I am the Light and the Way.

Afterward the Olbermann tribe was first to sing out:
Lies are truth!
Hate is Love!
Division is Unity!

Soon the CNN Tribe, and the Huffington Tribe sang out
in praise of the Lord.

And those who knew
in their American guts
something was still wrong
tried to speak
but they were called racists
and scoundrels
and lepers.

And so the Arugulas worshipped their Lord in the public square
and worshiped St. Marx in secret.

And it came to pass that the Word of Hate was made normal.
And the march of the Lord went on as before.
The people pulled the wool back over their eyes.
And all was well.

And the Lord took a break to sneak a smoketh.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Where did you find the Obama reading? I find it very interesting and I'm trying to find out who wrote it. Was it you?

my email is


1RedThread said...

I didn't write it, I got it in an email.

If you find out, let me know!