Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hillary supporter defends lying, because "sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to win".

Someone calling themselves “Vote for Hillary Online" has submitted comments to 1RedThread in response to a couple posts today about Hillary Clinton.

In response to the “Hillary's people planted global warming question in a townhall meeting” post, this person had this to say:

“Geeez this story has been way overblown. So what if she had a planted reporter asking questions? Hillary Clinton is our only hope to take back America and get it under control, and sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to win. The fact that people fail to realize this is simply shocking.”

In response to the "Hillary’s Not Invincible” post, this pillar of intellectualism had this to say:

“Nobody ever said Clinton was invincible, jerk.”

Dear "Vote for Hillary Online",

I wasn’t going to post your comments because my post rules clearly state “inane leftist drivel will be deleted”, but your inane drivel is too funny to be ignored.

Your comment speaks volumes about where you’re coming from. I’m sure if you found out that a Republican set up planted questions, you’d go nuts. I know this because you obviously have control issues. “Take back America”? There is a Republican President because he was voted in. If you don’t like it, too bad. If you’re among those who believe the election was stolen, straighten your tinfoil hat.

There is no “taking America back”, America chose that President and America will choose the next one. You Democrats won the House and Senate in 2006 because they swore they would “take America back”, and have they helped you? The definition of insanity is doing something repeatedly, expecting a different outcome. Let me put it simply for you: the Democrats that you voted into the House and Senate basically lied to you, and Hillary has proven herself, with this, to be a liar.

How do you plan on getting America “under control”? How do you plan on controlling those who disagree with you? The United States of America is a democratic republic, look up the definition. You sound like you’re a Socialist, at the very least. Look that up, too.

The best part of your comment is the part about “doing whatever it takes to win”. I guess that includes lying and cheating. Isn’t that what Democrats accuse the Republicans of? I guess its okay as long as your side does it. I’m sorry, it’s not so very shocking that I cannot understand how lying and cheating your way into being President is so wonderful.

In response to your last post, BWHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you for proving yourself an idiot.



UPDATE: Another question planted by Team Hillary?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it red!

I'd call what's for dinner....Liberal on a Kebob!


I'm guessing she won't be back. :smirk:

Susan Duclos said...

AWESOME smackdown. I added this as an update on my piece where that fool commenter left the same comment, word for word.

Thank you!

HCdL said...

WELL said. It does make it SO much easier to show them out as buffoons when they do it for you.

Keep up the good work. And I love the name of the site and the history behind it.


likwidshoe said...

The "take back America" people are claiming the country as their own. They trumpet democracy until it doesn't go their way. At that point, they want to "take back America".

Take it back from whom? Americans.

1redthread, thank you for the link about this spammer.