Thursday, October 25, 2007

Italians can't try US soldier

Italians 'cannot try US soldier'
An Italian court has thrown out a case against a US soldier charged over the killing of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq in March 2005.

The court ruled that Italy had no jurisdiction in the case against Mario Lozano, who was on trial in absentia.
Italy and the US have drawn very different conclusions over the shooting and Washington refused to hand Spc Lozano over for trial.

US soldiers opened fire as the car Nicola Calipari was in approached a roadblock.

The US military said the vehicle was travelling too fast, alarming soldiers, who feared it was an insurgent attack.

Italian officials said the car was travelling at normal speed and accused the US military of failing to signal there was a checkpoint.

Spc Lozano, both countries agree, fired the fatal shots.
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