Saturday, November 3, 2007

Be anything unless it's Canadian. - Michael Coren - Brit leftists go mad
The political fashions that begin in Britain tend to find their way to Canada extremely quickly, especially when they come from the left side of the body politic.

A new report from the think-tank of the governing Labour Party states that, "Britain is no longer a Christian nation and Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations."
So what of Canada? We're in enormous danger. We adopted an official policy of multiculturalism long ago and decided that Canada simply was not worth preserving.

Immigrants to the country who wanted to assimilate, adapt and become truly Canadian were told that there was no need. Hold on to your own culture and traditions, speak your own languages, be anything unless it's Canadian.

Don't blame newcomers for doing what they were told to do by arrogant white liberals who always know best. Instead of the community and the family there was the state and the collective. Instead of patriotism there was self-loathing. Instead of sacrifice there was entitlement.

Instead of Christianity there was, well, there was anything. Even to the point of embracing alternative religions that by their nature rejected the very pluralism, equality and progress that the social engineers claimed to cherish.
Along came the prince of the new and novel and he was far from good. Trudeau. A man who so detested English Canada that he became obsessed with expunging Anglo-Celtic culture and rebuilding Canada in his own image.

New Canadians would not be required to speak or to learn English and instead of one law, one way and one country for all, we would divide and subdivide into ethnic and linguistic ghettos. The wealthy would, of course, be immune and indifferent because money buys its own form of golden separation.

For the rest, the pieces of the jigsaw no longer fit and the picture became broken. Festivals, faith and traditions became threatened. How ironic that the British, whose heritage our leaders rejected, now are lighting the path to self destruction.

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