Friday, November 2, 2007

Egyptian Mufti: polygamy permitted in all religions except Christianity, so what's the problem?

FrontPage Magazine
Interviewer: "Is a man permitted to have four wives?"

Ali Gum'a: "This is permitted in all religions."

Interviewer: "No, not in all religions..."

Ali Gum'a: "This is permitted in all religions except Christianity."

Interviewer: "In Judaism, a man is permitted to have four wives?"

Ali Gum'a: "Of course! Moses has four wives, and so did Abraham…"

Interviewer: "But today, it is not permitted."

Ali Gum'a: "Today, yesterday…what's the difference? To this day, Judaism permits polygamy. The Hindus permit polygamy. The Buddhists permit polygamy. There is not a single religion on the face of the earth that bans polygamy, but all religions agree that women are not allowed to have more than one husband. Christianity is the only religion that does not permit more than one wife. The rest - six billion people on Earth - permit polygamy."


Interviewer: "Do you have daughters?"

Ali Gum'a: "I have three."

Interviewer: "Would you allow them to marry a man with other wives?"

The Woman Benefits From Polygamy Because "A... Mistress Remains in the Shadows"

Ali Gum'a: "They are free to do what they want. A Muslim girl can decide to agree, or else, she can decide to file for a divorce from her husband if she does not like the new situation, and he too is free to choose. But in Islam, Allah permits us - just like in all religions - to marry several wives, and have things done out in the open.

"For whose benefit is all this? For the benefit of the woman, because a woman who is taken as a mistress remains in the shadows, and loses all her rights. The man does not owe her anything. But since [Allah] permits marrying another wife, she gains respect, status, and rights. Therefore, becoming a second wife reinforces the status of a woman, because she does not become a mistress or a girlfriend who remains in the darkness, and the man does not do things of which he is ashamed."[...]

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