Friday, November 2, 2007

"The safest place for the Left is where their ideas are safe from challenge. That way, they’ll always look right."

Family Security Matters
For example, Al Gore says “the debate is over” when it comes to global warming. That means no more questions may be asked. Yet he’s declined every venue for debate where his position could be challenged. I’ve accepted every opportunity for a debate here locally, but the other side changed their minds after I accepted. I assume more important things came up.

Alarmists claim the Earth is warming up at a catastrophic pace, yet I remember freezing my butt off in a Boston apartment during the winter of 1980 while hearing stories of the coming ice age.

Meteorologists can’t accurately predict what the weather will be this weekend, but the global warming crowd is telling us what the world will be like 100 years from now. Experts were wrong in the past. The problem is, they never admit it, so the perception left is that they were right.

Actor Ted Danson warned us if we didn’t stop polluting the oceans, we’d all die within ten years from a lack of drinking water. He said that in 1989. I’ve had a drink of water every day since with no noticeable shortage in sight. Ted Danson never admitted he was wrong.

The appearance left is that he was right.

We were told that use of the chemical DDT to kill mosquitoes was also killing off the bald eagle and osprey, with marine biologist and activist Rachel Carson leading the charge. DDT was banned in 1972 in the United States, and later in many parts of the world.

Many link the resurgence of millions of Third World malaria deaths to the ban. Those who defend the ban say that DDT was mainly used indoors to spray furniture. If that were the case, how would indoor use endanger so many animals outdoors?
One can debate the numbers, but it’s clear the banning has resulted in many, many needless deaths. We have yet to hear any apologies from those who pushed the scare on the rest of us.

The appearance left is that those who advocated the DDT ban were right.
After Hurricane Katrina, liberal politicians, environmentalists, and Hollywood filmmakers warned us of impending super storms that would make Katrina look like bad breath. Hurricane Katrina was even blamed on global warming.

However, tropical storm activity over the last two years is at its lowest level since 1977. Did any of you hear a retraction?

The appearance left is that the environmentalists were right.

When civilians and our soldiers overseas were being targeted by Iraqi insurgents, all we heard from the Left is that we need to get out of this “unwinnable, immoral civil war.” But have you noticed that we’re not hearing as much of the bad news coming from Iraq lately? Many of the reports that are coming back show that al Qaeda is being rejected by the locals. American soldiers are being welcomed into people’s homes, the violence is way down, and even the genius Osama bin Laden’s desperate call to his minions to refocus their deadly efforts is to no avail.
The anti-war Left will not admit our successes, so in their minds, they were right all along.

The safest place for the Left is where their ideas are safe from challenge. That way, they’ll always look right.

That’s why they gravitate toward government jobs, like teaching. There, their intelligence is never questioned. It’s always assumed they’re right, and they’re in positions where those on the receiving end of their dictates are dependent on them for grades – or in some cases, their day-to-day survival.

There are many other examples of good liberal intentions gone awry. When they do, liberals don’t accept any responsibility for the problems, and in some cases the deaths, they cause. By keeping silent, activists can continue to issue warnings and panics because the impression remains that they’ve always been right about everything they warn about.

So if you think about it, the only reason we keep listening to the liberal panics is because they have false credibility. Those panics have resulted in massive changes in our lifestyles, and in some cases, millions of injuries or deaths.

Yet we continue to listen to them because they appear to be right. But that’s only because the refuse to admit they were wrong. It’s arrogant – but true.

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