Monday, November 19, 2007

Interesting comments off other blogs.

I found this gem in Little Green Footballs today:

Kenneth 11/19/07 3:09:56 am

Good morning folks,

Two Canadian troops were killed in Afghanistan yesterday, and the media coverage displays the media bias:

From the CBC, little context is provided on how or why the Canadians were killed,

Ramp ceremony held for fallen Canadian soldiers

Cpl. Nicolas Raymond Beauchamp, 28, and Pte. Michel Levesque, 25, were riding in a Light Armoured Vehicle that drove over a large improvised explosive device early Saturday.

The blast, 40 kilometres west of Kandahar, also claimed the life of an Afghan interpreter and injured three Canadian soldiers.

They go on to describe grieving spouses and comrades. This is typical of the CBC coverage & the effect is one of relentless futile waste, with passive troops wandering around the desserts and hills of Afghanistan only to be randomly killed by an untouchable enemy.

Now look at the Globe & Mail,

Taliban's birthplace captured

Canadian troops push Taliban out of enclave in a storm of artillery shells and rockets; two Canadian soldiers and an interpreter die in major operation

Wow, context! It seems the two Canadians died during a major operation launched by NATO against the Taliban. The operation was a success and a significant strategic & psychological defeat of the Taliban. The report even mentions who the thugs used children as human shields during the battle. Imagine that; Islamist terrorists violating Western rules of war, and a Western reporter actually reports it!
Too true, context is everything.

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