Monday, November 19, 2007

Will the 25 Days of Christmas Be More Peaceful Than the 30 Days of Ramadan?

Christians and Muslims: Will the 25 Days of Christmas Be More Peaceful Than the 30 Days of Ramadan? - Associated Content
I just read something interesting and baffling - specifically, a content producer trying to compare the Christian attempt to keep Christ and Christmas with Islamic enforcement of Sharia Law. I'm sure I don't even need to think of an analogy to illicit the kind of cynically comedic response we should all feel at the notion, nor do I really need to explain that wanting to celebrate the birth of a figure who we base our calendar off of is pretty rabidly different from wanting women to wear veils and killing gynecologists.
What I'm interested in is comparing how Christians will respond to the holiest time on the Christian calendar compared to Muslims.

We already saw how they stack up against Jews - during the 10 day overlap between Yom Kippur and Ramadan, they tallied in 397 kills of innocent men, women, and children.
While secularists and atheists in the United States, however, tout how "oppressive" Christianity is at trying to force Christ on a Christian holiday, one can easily take a simple glance once more on what it's like to refuse to acknowledge the holiness of Islamic Ramadan. Where in the United States you have every right to just lay around, watch a DVD of Ernest Goes to Camp, and drink or eat or do really whatever you like, Fatah, the moderate Palestinian terrorist faction, attempted to appeal to its hardliners by swooping through the West Bank and arresting, beating, or killing those who were not appropriately respecting the holiday.

Therefore I lay down this challenge.

I will happily bet that during the 25 Days of Christmas, Christians will not match the Muslim bomb-a-thon that was Ramadan, and in fact it will most likely be a time of peace, heavy spending, solidarity, turkey, and eggnog.

I would challenge that Christian terrorists will simply be unable to catch up to, in their 25 Days of Christmas, the amount of carnage and bloodshed that was unleashed during the Muslim holy month.

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