Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Reads

Dennis Prager has a new column: Wright Speaks for the Left

-- has a great article about the the Left, global warming activists, and their usual targets:
large families and "patriarchal" religion.


"Dear Barry" - relationship advice from an Illinois senator.... on Iowahawk. This had me laughing so hard my dog Morgan had to leave the room.


Here's an update on the war against free speech in Canada. Five Feet of Fury


The sky is falling! Probably. Well, we don't know, actually.

"The economy is weak but not collapsing," said Lynn Reaser, chief economist at Bank of America's Investment Strategies Group. "A recession can't be ruled out, although the stars are not lined up at this point to definitively say one way or the other."

The most chilling sentence in this short article (7 sentences) about bottle bombs packed with hooks and shrapnel in them being found in a junior high school is this:
Barrow says homemade devices are showing up more frequently on house porches and mailboxes in the Chico area. This was the first time the bottles have contained dangerous shrapnel.
More frequently? This is common?

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